The Eye and The Edit: Coachella Fashion


Forget the fringe and flower crowns — Gen Z said we're taking festival fashion back to Y2K. This month, festival season begins anew with the return of Coachella, which means I've only been taking notes on what to wear for, approximately, two and half years. The process has led to no less than two existential crises and at least one pending fashion emergency because, and this is referring to fashion alone, things have changed. This is our first Coachella, really, with Amazon fashion. Euphoria makeup. TikTok aesthetics. TikTok. I am honestly terrified. Because as fashion has become nostalgic for our youth, I've been trying my best to grow up — and Y2K dressing doesn't always compute with capsule wardrobes or investment pieces. So I've spent some time looking for festival-ready brands that meet somewhere in the middle of personality and point of view, as part of my personal effort to ditch the more expected retailers (without totally blowing our budgets). Need help styling their pieces? Festival outfit ideas are coming to your inbox tomorrow.
The Accessories.

NAIIA Sasha Body Chain, $289 MON ÉTÉ Sailor Necklace, $70

BRANDON BLACKWOOD Syl Bag, $170 GLYNIT Molly Bag,$77
SIMON MILLER Snap Bag, $390 THE REALREAL Prada Bag, $2900
The Outfits.
SIEDRÉS Ella Top, $189 LIONESS Miami Vice Pant, $76
SAMI MIRO VINTAGE Asymmetric Dress, $310 MIAOU Long Sleeve, $105 and Micro Mini, $155
DANIELLE GUIZIO Nylon Top, $205 and Sweet Rose Skirt, $250  I.AM.GIA Gianna Dress, $100
WITH JÉAN Holly Dress, $119 PRAYING Crop Tee, $55 (Size up in this brand)
FRANKIES BIKINIS Hennie Halter Top, $130 and Nicole Skirt, $95 MISBHV Monogram Dress, $355
TANK AIR Plumeria Dress, $315 REALISATION PAR Amber Dress, $250
DANA FOLEY Chelsea Top, $175 KIM SHUI Printed Top, $175 and Micro Skirt, $185
POSTER GIRL Miranda Dress, $120 AYA MUSE Forio Bodysuit, $350
LOCAL EUROPEAN Le Cargo Pant, $110 BY.DYLN Minx Top, $90
GIMAGUAS Été Dress, $185 BUCI Mohair Dress, $255