We're NAiiA

We believe in creating jewelry that celebrates and inspires the evolutionary beauty of design. We design authentic generational pieces that will be with you forever. At NAiiA, jewelry is for today, tomorrow, and forever. We are where style meets quality.

More Than Jewelry

We are devoted to making a creative difference while giving back. Our founder, Nicky, has had loved ones who have been fortunate enough to survive cancer because of access to financial resources. We help to create the same opportunities for others. At NAiiA, we donate a portion of every sale to Cancer Cartel, an organization that tears down financial barriers to wellness by providing financial resources and relief to cancer Warriors.

Cancer Cartel

Our Founder

Founded in 2020 in hopes of creating a jewelry line that empowers and inspires men and women to feel elevated and bold, Nicky Shemian created NAiiA. Raised as a tomboy in a multicultural home with a fashion stylist as an older sister, Nicky's unique style was born. Stackable rings to layering necklaces and body jewelry, Nicky traded-in her sneakers for jewelry and began designing pieces that combine elements of strength and timelessness.

Female Founder Collective