Our guide to your forever jewels 

All of our jewelry is made with love with the highest quality materials and the most precious of gemstones. Wear your jewels everyday and shine bright baby.


14K Gold-Filled 
Gold-filled jewelry consists of high quality outer layers of solid gold bonded or pressed with other inner metals. Gold-filled jewelry is water resistant and hypoallergenic. Unlike gold-plated jewelry, our jewelry is perfect for everyday wear and can last a lifetime. Consider it a smart investment!

Gold-filled jewelry doesn’t like chemicals. We suggest not exposing your gold-filled jewelry to extreme chemicals such as fragrances and cleaning products. Maintain its shine by lightly buffing with a dry soft cloth.



Rhodium is the whitest and most precious metal used for jewelry because of its added shine and durability. Our Rhodium jewelry is made from a base metal that is coated in a layer of rhodium making it water resistant, tarnish resistant, and hypoallergenic, and. Unlike silver-plated jewelry, our rhodium jewelry does not scratch, dent, or corrode, and is certain to retain its luster through everyday wear. 

Rhodium plated jewelry, like most jewelry, doesn't like chemicals such as fragrances or those found in soup. We suggest not regularly cleaning your rhodium jewelry, but if you do wish to, maintain its shine by lightly buffing with a dry soft cloth.